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Jafi Services

Ana Isabel Rincón was always passionate about starting her own business and being an entrepreneur. After experiencing a temporary disability that kept her from working outside of the home, Ana decided to start a business. This business would not only help her stay financially stable while at home, but it jafi serviceswould also help those with disabilities. Ana began Jafi Services, an inclusive tourism service that would ensure comfort and attentiveness to all, including those who have disabilities. Jafi Services is a travel agency that gives travel experiences to strengthen love, family, and friendship ties, through an offering of unique travel packages. Jafi Services, located in Panamá, offers trips to Colombia (Medellín, Bogotá, and Cartagena) and United States (Orlando), in addition to vacation packages in Panamá. On top of the beautiful beach hotel offerings in her home country, Ana even offers BMW Motorcycle Tours through Panamá!

Jafi Services aims to give back as much as possible through Corporate Social Responsibility. While offering inclusive tourism packages, Jafi Services has also participated in training programs for disabled persons, empowering them to work and thrive in the tourism industry. Their website also lists three programs dedicated to female empowerment through entrepreneurship including Voces Vitales Panamá (Vital Voices), Canal de Empresarias (Businesswomen Channel), and, of course, WEAmericas Accelerator!

Jafi Services at WEAmericas Accelerator

When discussing her time with the WEAmericas Accelerator, Ana describes how the experience was life changing. She says the program woke up a woman inside of her that she didn’t know and has brought her to take on new challenges and projects that she didn’t know she could. The program has allowed her to

Left to right: Blanca Gonzalez of Curvas Plus Size Boutique, Veronica Wyman of Wayman Tours, Lizbeth Jaen of Momenbox, Jianella Torres of New World Real Estate, and Ana Rincón of Jafi Services in Guatemala for the WEAmericas Accelerator.

forge new business relationships and acquire endless knowledge and vital technical resources for her business.

As a businesswoman, Ana has grown tremendously since starting her business. After university, she thought she had all the tools to start a business. But when put into action, she realized how different theory and practice are! She had to learn first hand about marketing, customer support, administration, accounting, legal, and everything else that one will only learn firsthand when starting a business. She moved ahead despite obstacles because she wanted to a be a testimony to perseverance, faith, and believing in oneself. With this, she hopes she is an inspiration to future businesswomen. She is encouraged daily by the smiles and joy that her clients convey after returning from the trips Ana has planned.

Advice for Aspiring Businesswomen

She encourages any woman who has doubted herself and her ability to be an jafi servicesentrepreneur to remember that with training and knowledge, you can achieve your goals. Ana reminds them that in every country there are many organization that work to help female entrepreneurs. She says that if she can succeed, you can too! Ana hopes to be a guide for other women – motivating and teaching them that “yes we can!”

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