Amarabi Seasoning & Marinade: The Taste of Belize

Amarabi Seasoning & Marinade

Amarabi Seasoning & Marinade produces condiments for all types of meats. They are full of flavor and easy to apply… so easy that the slogan is “just add amarabi seasoning belizemeat!” Amarabi Seasoning & Marinade is a unique blend of freshly picked herbs and spices traditionally found in Belize, the home country of owner, Laura Raymond. When starting the business, Laura wanted to make something that would be easy for all cooks along the spectrum from no experience to a lot of experience in the kitchen. So she did just that.

Amarabi Seasoning & Marinade is set apart from others in the region because it uses all natural flavors and does not have MSG. Laura was motivated to start the business so that everyone could have easy, flavorful, Caribbean flavored food without added chemicals. Laura sells Amarabi Seasoning & Marinade in supermarkets, butcher shops, and tourist shops. Amarabi Seasoning & Marinades comes in six different flavors: original, rosemary, coconut oil base, chili with coconut oil base, cumin, and curry.

Before starting with the WEAmericas Accelerator, Laura worked with SBDCBelize, the Small Business Development Centre that helps small to medium enterprises in Belize with the goal of supporting their competitiveness and export readiness. With the help of SBDCBelize, she was able to acquire machinery and design her logo and labeling. With the support of SBDCBelize, Laura found WEAmericas Accelerator.

Amarabi at WEAmericas Accelerator

Laura says that WEAmericas Accelerator helped her tremendously with understanding the importance of having a well made

amarabi seasoning laura raymond
Laura displaying her product at WEAmericas Accelerator in San José, Costa Rica

business plan. The professors from Thunderbird School of Global Management who work with

WEAmericas Accelerator emphasize this as they know how important this is the growth and sustainability of a business. Additionally, she learned that having projections and updated numbers in terms of finance and accounting is vital to running her business.

Advice for Aspiring Businesswomen

Laura would love to help future businesswomen, just as she has been helped along the way. She said one of the most important things she would pass along to aspiring businesswomen is the importance of marketing your business. In addition, she believes that being diligent and consistent and keys to being a successful business woman.

Laura has said how valuable the WEAmericas Accelerator was to her business. She believes it is an incredible opportunity for businesswoman in Belize. Through the WEAmericas Accelerator, all participants gain world-class management education, invaluable networking opportunities, and a multitude of opportunities for access to capital.

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