Curvas Plus Size Boutique: Beauty Has No Size

Curvas Plus Size Boutique

Curvas Plus Size Boutique specializes in selling, its namesake, plus-sized clothing. Blanca, the owner of Curvas Plus Size Boutique, dreamed of opening a store where women could feel good about themselves regardless of their size. Somewhere where “Beauty has no size.” Curvas sells clothes for women between XL and 6XL. The store creates an enjoyable experience where women can find a wide variety of clothing to suit their interests.

Growing with Her Business

Blanca Gonzalez started this business simply as a way to supplement her income. With the store gaining rapid growth and tremendous potential, Blanca refocused her attention to expand Curvas. When she started the business, she didn’t know much about marketing and inventory management. She says she learned as the business grew. Her background is in real estate, which has proven to be an incredible skill that she’s been able to leverage to open new branches of Curvas throughout Nicaragua.

Curvas Plus Size Boutique
Courtesy of Blanca Gonzalez

Blanca is inspired by the prospects of future growth opportunities while inspiring women to feel their best. This drives Blanca every day in her work. She never imagined how much of an impact being inclusive could have on her business.

On her journey to success, she has encountered challenges in running Curvas. Managing her business means doing a little bit of everything and being involved in all the decision-making, both big and small. Everything from everyday sales to influencing the development of plus sized clothing at local textile factories.

Curvas Plus Size Model
Courtesy of Blanca Gonzalez

Maintaining control and doing the day-to-day duties has kept Blanca on her toes at the same time helping her develop Curvas into the impressive business it is today. Continuously improving services and differentiating her products by remaining innovative and producing high-quality goods helps Curvas stay competitive.

Advice for Future Business Owners

If given the chance to help future business owners in their work, Blanca said she would assist them in formalizing the necessary plans to bring success to the new businesses. Blanca said that entrepreneurs must innovate and provide the best service and quality, just as she has strived to do with her business since its inception.

She is thankful for WEAmericas Accelerator for helping her strengthen her business acumen. WEAmericas Accelerator has given her more clarity on where she’d like to take Curvas and how she would like her business to operate.

Curvas Plus Size Boutique

Her boutique sells just about anything a woman could want and for nearly all occasions. They have wedding dresses, evening dresses, casual clothing, blouses, pants, blazers, jeans, jumpsuits, rompers, cocktail dresses, bathing suits, and jewelry. You can find the best brands at Curvas, including American and European brands. Blanca wants to ensure women feel confident for all occasions. In addition, in running Curvas she wants to ensure that regardless of size women are able to sport the latest trends in fashion. Blanca hopes that all women who shop at her store leave feeling beautiful and empowered.

Curvas Plus Size Boutique
Courtesy of Blanca Gonzalez

If you’re in Nicaragua, go say “hi” to Blanca and the Curvas crew. They have branches in Managua, Masaya, and León, with new branches coming soon! You can follow Curvas on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

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