Investment Frequently Asked Questions

Investment amounts?

Investments may be very small, such as US$1000, or they could be large, such as US$300,000; some business owners are willing to give up equity or take on debt.

Will there be a return on my investment?

That’s the idea! This isn’t guaranteed, as with any company, but we hope that there will be a return on the investment.

If so, how long should I expect?

This is a conversation to be had with the businesswoman in whose business you are investing.

How much should I expect to get back?

This varies as there is no guarantee. However, upon your giving support, you will immediately be supporting the economic development of the entrepreneur and her family and community.

How do I participate in WEAmericas as an investor?

A capstone event with an opportunity to meet the business owners and hear about their businesses is being held in December in Antigua, Guatemala. Please contact for more information.

Do I have to invest in a business if I attend the conference in Guatemala?

Your financial support of the women and their businesses is not required, but we do ask that you attend all sessions if you are to join us in Guatemala.

Can investors not attending the conference invest in the businesses?

Yes! Contact us at for more information.

Please visit our investor page for more information.

“The biggest obstacle has been financing, we had to fight and advance little by little by our own means.” – Veronica Wayman, Generation 1 WEAmericas Accelerator participant