Who are we?

Thunderbird graduationWho are we and what do we do best?

We are Thunderbird for Good, the social impact division of Thunderbird School of Global Management. We launched our first women’s empowerment program in 2005 to help aspiring female entrepreneurs in Afghanistan. Since then, as a partner with Thunderbird School of Global Management, we have provided training and certification in business skills to more than 115,000 non-traditional students around the world.

We specialize in entrepreneurial training for women. We understand starting, opening, and growing a business requires a lot of courage no matter where you are. Thunderbird for Good works to topple barriers through our business educational programs that help non-traditional students in the places where they work and live. Our graduates create jobs, spread knowledge, and improve living conditions in their communities.

Where does our business experience come from?

As part of Thunderbird School of Global Management, we are able to leverage their 70 years of global business education as a premier institution for students, organizations and professionals looking for an edge in international business. As an internationally recognized business school, Thunderbird understands the complexities, challenges, and competitive forces that make cross-border business a combined effort. An education through Thunderbird sets you apart from the competition and prepares you to make an immediate and lasting impact around the world.

Who are the people behind the scenes?

Return at a later date to get to know the amazing women behind the scenes of the WEAmericas Accelerator, Cindy Yeager and Martha Videa.

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